Faculty & Staff

The English Learning Institute has assembled a knowledgeable team of educators dedicated to each student’s success. The team is committed to sharing and imparting their considerable knowledge of every subject taught through ELI. Each team member possesses extensive academic training, professional experience and education know-how to provide every student with the highest quality outcome.

AEP Instructor

Dana Salmon is a trained educator with a degree in Linguistics and Speech & Hearing Sciences from UNC Chapel Hill. She has experience teaching ESL to adults in a variety of settings, including a course offered to visiting scholars through the UNC Writing Center. Dana has studied education in the US, Denmark, and Turkey. She has training in educating diverse populations, as well as pupils with a wide array of learning needs. Her passions comes through in her engaging and creative classroom practices.

AEP Instructor

Heather Thomas has a B.A. in Education. Her two graduate degrees in education are from La Trobe University in Australia. She began her teaching career in Australia and has taught ESL in Japan and North Carolina. She has taught all ages, and in a variety of settings, including community colleges, international schools, and private language institutes. She enjoys helping students communicate clearly, and loves to incorporate cutting edge technology into their learning wherever possible.

IT Support

Ryan Ji, graduated from Michigan State University last year with computer engineering major. Ryan has extensive website design and programming knowledge and is in charge of website design and updates. Ryan also collaborates with other colleagues to provide assistance to students with their academic studies.

Director of Student Services

HanFu Shi, Director of International Relations, has been a dedicated staff member at ELI since 2014. He obtained both a BA in Communication Studies and a BA in Journalism from  Eastern Washington University; he also holds an MS in Public Health in Leadership from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As Director of International Relations, he is dedicated to ensuring his job responsibilities which include promoting programs overseas, communicating with partners abroad, and designing promotional materials for the Institute, are completed in a timely and professional manner. His experience and education are an essential component to his success.

Vice President for Student Services

Bianca Wang has extensive educational experiences in student service area and school management. She holds a B.A. in education and is a licensed teacher. Bianca is good at providing college advising and has successfully many of our students to their dream universities. She has deep knowledge of international student recruitment and has traveled to many countries to introduce our school and North Carolina to potential students.