Change of Status Form

This form should be completed by students who wish to attend our school and do not currently hold an F-1 visa. Students should apply for a change of status as soon as possible, in advance of the I-94 expiration date, in case the change of status is denied. Students in a status other than F-2 or B can enroll prior to the change of status approval. M-1 students wishing to change to F-1 status must depart the U.S and apply for an F-1 visa.

Current visa type
If you are a dependent, is your sponsor currently in status?
When does your I-94 expire? Note: Your immigration status must be valid until at least 30 days before the I-20 start date.
Are you currently in lawful, non-immigration status?
Are you currently enrolled full time in another school?
Do you plan on travelling outside the U.S?

Additional Information

If the information you have submitted proves you are eligible for a change of status, you may need to submit a request package with the following items to USCIS: I-539 Form, Original I-94 form, Financial documents, Copy of Form I-20 w/COS information, Application filing fee, Copy of passport information, Proof of current immigration status, Letter of intent to study, Copy of Acceptance letter/academic transcript if already a current student, SEVIS I-901 receipt.

Students that are not eligible for a change of status, may have to leave the U.S and apply for an F-1 visa. In that case, students will need the following: Completed visa application (DS-160), Initial attendnace I-20, Financial documents, Proof of Academic status (admission letter), SEVIS I-901 receipt, Visa application fees, Valid passport, Student will also have to make an appointment at a U.S consular post.


By submitting this application, I affirm that the information provided is true and complete. I understand that if am accepted as a student, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in my immediate dismissal. By providing the information below, I understand that I am providing an electronic version of my Signature.