Student Testimonials

“I really appreciated the opportunity to attend ELI’s program. Attending this program helps me improve my English ability. I have found my class very helpful because my instructor really helped me expand my vocabulary and my English speaking is also getting better.”


“ELI’s teachers are very professional and experienced, and staff are very nice and patient. I like the infrastructure ELI provides for us, and I can also enjoy the beautiful environment outside of the building, which helps me to relax and review the knowledge I have learned from class. Learning facilities, textbooks, and online learning materials are of great help for me, and I benefit a lot from them.”

“There is no doubt that studying at ELI was extremely gratifying. I had the opportunity to improve my skills in English in a way that I never would have been able to without the help of the teachers that were partners in my learning process. Also, I would like to mention the multicultural environment in the school. This environment gave me the opportunity to be able to exchange experiences with students from other countries  and this kind of information interchange added so much to me.”

“I met great teachers at ELI. The classes are well-organized and I feel very productive everyday. Through classes and assignments, I know I have been improving my English ability, and the most important thing is that ELI makes me feel confident! Additionally, I never found a school with such nice environment and cutting-edge educational technologies. I have access to all the learning resources via online system.”

YunghyeSouth Korea

“Teachers and staff in ELI are very kind to us. The Academic English Program helps me with my English improvement a lot. Teachers all have very effective ways to teach us, and they make sure each of us is making progress no matter what starting level we were from.”


“I like ELI a lot because it has qualified teachers and nice staff. They guide us to learn English in the right way, so every student can easily see the improvement after accomplishing specific tasks for each part of English learning. I think ESL students who want to learn English language and American Culture should come to ELI, because this is the best and right place for you!”