Volunteer Opportunities

ELI welcomes volunteers who are able to assist us with any of the positions listed on this page. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our Volunteer Application and send it to admission@elinc.edu.

Language Partners

We are looking for language partners to meet with one or more students throughout the term. Language partners will meet with one or more students once per week, on ELI’s campus, and help students practice their English skills by having a conversation. Language Partners should be honest, reliable, trust-worthy, and responsible. Language Partners  will receive information/resources on how to lead conversations that will benefit ESL students. This includes conversation topics and helpful ideas.


We are looking for translators that can translate our website into multiple languages in order to help us reach more international students. Translators should have advanced to native-language proficiency of the target language that they will be translating into. Translators must commit to translating the entire website, not just parts of the website.


We are looking for tutors that can help us with our tutoring program. ELI students may need additional help with Reading, Writing, Listening, or Speaking, so tutors that have a background in English, teaching, or tutoring are especially encouraged to apply. When a tutor is needed, the tutors will be contacted and will be notified of the student and their areas of weakness. A tutoring schedule that works for both the student and the tutor will be created. Tutors may be needed anywhere from once per week to multiple times per week, or just when a student needs help with a particular assignment.

Don’t see a volunteer opportunity that fits? Send us an email at admission@elinc.edu, we would love to hear from you!