The English Learning Institute is a privately owned entity that focuses on the improvement and enhancement of the educational development of students learning English.  ELI fosters a platform for English language growth through the Academic English Program specifically designed for learners with an intermediate level of English proficiency.  Embarking on this academic journey with ELI and its students is an exciting opportunity.  The task of student acquisition, however, can be daunting. ELI provides direct support to all its agents to set a stage for professional germination; ELI strives to generate successful agents.  The system of application fosters a platform for achievement.  Agents are the initializing force of the English Learning Institute and are an integral component of its expansion.

Agent Goals:

  • To provide accurate information to prospective students
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that aligns with the values and principals of ELI
  • Engage in ethical and moral recruitment practices
  • Maintain the notion of support for each prospective student
  • Keep the needs of the students at the forefront of the recruitment process
  • Engage in rigorous recruitment
  • Provide feedback to ELI in order to foster improvement

Recruiting Principles:

The English Learning Institute and its agents adhere to student recruitment policies and procedures on the premise of equality regardless of sex, race, age, gender, religious affiliation, color, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. ELI recruitment practices focus on strong ethical and moral boundaries, guided by the following principles:

  • Dignity–ELI and its agents promise to provide all persons with respect in all matters involved with the programs and interactions
  • Professionalism– A professional environment will always be maintained with ELI and its agents along with high levels of integrity
  • Honesty– The information received by interested parties regarding any aspect of fees, program features, ELI partners, etc., will be of factual quality without omissions
  • Confidentiality– All information presented to ELI and its agents will be held in the strictest confidence
  • Cooperation– ELI and its agents promise to engage in a supportive environment that serves its students and staff


Agents are independent contractors and are not associated as ELI employees.  They are, however, expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriately representative of the values and missions of ELI.  Agents are in direct contact with the public and potential students and must demonstrate positive ethical fortitude that is indicative of an ELI associate.

The process aligns with the policies set forth. Adherence to policies is an essential component to the active measures that govern ELI and its agents and is of the utmost importance in the everyday expressions of the professional environment. ELI and its agents are committed to these values and mission that drive the policies and avow to uphold all aspects of the promises presented.

The recruitment process serves to generate a welcoming scene for prospective students, current students and alumni. The framework that details these policies and procedures fosters a demand for impartiality and tolerance for all persons.

If you are interested in becoming and agent for  ELI  please send an email to