Immigration Advising

As of February 7, 2017 ELI is authorized under Federal Law to issue I-20 forms to International students for the Academic English Program (AEP). In order to ensure F-1 visa Students maintain their visa status, we provide them with Immigration Advising. Immigration advising helps to ensure that students understand all of their responsibilities as an F-1 student. This page contains information on how to obtain an F-1 visa, as well as other ELI procedures concerning F-1 visas.

Obtaining an F-1 Visa

In order to obtain an F-1 Visa to study at our school, the following must take place:

  1. Student applies to ELI
  2. Student gets accepted to ELI
  3. Student receives an I-20 form from ELI
  4. Student applies for an F-1 visa at a U.S. Consulate
  5. U.S. Consulate approves the visa
  6. Student arrives at the U.S. Port of Entry (POE)* no more than 30 days before the program start date
  7. Student applies for admission at the POE
  8. Student reports to ELI
  9. ELI’s Designated School Official (DSO) reports the students’ arrival in SEVIS

Change of status

Students may need to change their status in order to study at our school, Students may either apply thru USCIS for a change of status or travel. Please submit ELI’s Change of Status Form to the DSO at ELI in order to learn which option may be better for your situation.

Program Extension

Students who need a program extension must fill out ELI’s Program Extension Request Form and submit it to the DSO. Please note that delays caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for a program extension. Please be sure to submit the supporting documentation with this form.

Reduced Course Load (RCL)

Students who are experiencing academic difficulties or medical issues may be eligible for a RCL. ELI’s RCL Request Form must be filled out and submitted to the DSO before students are eligible to receive a reduced course load.


Students who have lost their F-1 status and need to reinstate in order to study or continue studying at ELI need to fill out ELI’s Reinstatement Form. Once completed, please submit this form the the DSO in order to begin the reinstatement process.


Students transferring in from another school will need to complete ELI’s Transfer-in Form. This form has 2 sections, the first section will need to be completed by the Student. The second section will need to be completed by the student’s current foreign student advisor who will need to return the form to ELI’s DSO.


Students wishing to transfer out must complete ELI’ Transfer-out Form. The form must be submitted to ELI’s DSO.

ELI’s DSO will inform the student about all of their options concerning the particular action they wish to take or need to take. Students will be able to decide which option is better for them.

Please email if you have questions regarding immigration procedures.